Microgel forte has an acidic pH value and reacts with the cement surface, which leads to the neutralization of alkali. The micro-thin layer of the concrete surface can then be removed with water. The top layer is evenly removed, giving the concrete surface a special attractive appearance. The penetration depth is about 0.3 mm, which is much less than the results that can be achieved, for example, by sandblasting.


With the help of MICROGEL and all kinds of stencils you can create on the surface of ready-made concrete elements lettering, logos and graphics. All you need to do is prepare a self-adhesive stencil with the appropriate image, fix it in the right place on the concrete, moisten the surface and expose needed parts with MICROGEL. 


Thin cement milk will be removed with a gel, thereby exposing the texture of the filler and forming a pattern. 

This technique allows you to implement unique, creative projects with minimal time and effort.


  • Method of application

    • Moisten the concrete surface.
    • Apply Microgel.
    • Wait the reaction time of Microgel with concrete surface.
    • Clean the surface with water. Repeat if required.


  • Characteristics

    Composition: surfactants

    Volume: 0.5 kg

  • Precautionary measures

    Attention! Use gloves and respiratory protection while working with acid gel.


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