Whether you're beginner or professional, with DIY kits BETONLY, you can easily make yourself a variety of texture, color, materials and purpose of objects of architectural concrete and use them as gifts or samples.

Add water

According to the given instructions, add water to the dry blend and

mix well 


Pour the mix into the moulds and knock a little on the walls of the mould to release air bubbles


24 hours after step 2, demould and take out finished concrete items


Use polishing pad or Microgel to expose aggregates. Apply protective coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many concrete items can be made from a single kit set (3KG)?

The number of finished concrete products is highly depends on the size of the mold. However, an average of one kit set can be made from 10 to 20 identical products.

Will I need additional tools to work ?

Basically, everything you need is already included in the set. Additionally you may need a measuring cup to determine the volume of water and premix.

When I was demoulding, my product broke. What am I doing wrong?

The curing time of BETONLY concrete mix is 24 hours. Do not demould earlier even if you think that the product has already hardened. Also, the strength of the final product is greatly affected by the amount of water in the mix, so follow the instructions clearly and do not add more water than it is indicated in the instructions.

How many times you can apply Microgel gel at finished product ?

Microgel reacts with the cement on the surface and exposes the concrete texture to a depth of 0.3 mm. If the result of the first treatment did not satisfied you and you want deeper exposure, apply gel again. There are no limitations on the number of applications. Attention: Observe safety rules when working with acid gel!

I need help with my KIT set

If you have not found an answer to your question in this section, we will always be happy to help you and answer your questions by phone or email. Just let us know what help you need: +79219330833 (what's app | telegram | viber) |

I want to have silicone mould of my own design. Can you make?

Yes, we can. Just send us your drawing or sceme with ceratin sizes and we will calculate the cost and advise terms of production. All requests, please, send to


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