Thank you for your interest to our company!

We are interested in developing cooperation with companies and individual entrepreneurs

on mutually beneficial terms. 


We provide you goods at wholesale prices, and deliver them directly to buyers. The service is intended for wholesale buyers, partners who build business on the basis of dropshipping and simple buyers who want to save on purchases. 


In order to make money with the direct supply service, you need to register and contact us, informing us that you want to become our partner . After that you will get an access to the catalog of goods at wholesale prices from the supplier. Choose the products that you like personally and that you want to sell and implement all your ideas, using the knowledge and experience gained by us. Make orders coming to you on the website and get profit!  Delivery of goods will be engaged by the supplier.


Our company is ready to provide you products for sale. Earn 30% of sales without risking anything.  Do you provide services or have a point of sale, and you have a desire to get additional profit? Then this offer is for you. Suitable activities: flower shop, children's goods store, hobby and creative goods store, stationery store, souvenir and gift shop, as well as any field of activity where the placement of our products will be relevant.


You will receive from us a set of the most popular products plus, branded packages, catalogs. Sell products at your own price and keep 30% of sales.


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